Privacy Policy


Protecting personal information

  1. Respect for individual rights

Global Blast respects individual rights related to personal information, and when you request that Global Blast disclose, correct, delete or suspend the use of your personal information, or submit complaints or requests for consultation concerning your personal information, Global Blast will respond to such request within a reasonable period to the extent it deems appropriate.

  1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

When collecting, using and providing your personal information, Global Blast expressly notifies you of the purpose of use and whether or not and/or to whom your personal information will be provided, uses such information within the scope of the purpose after obtaining your consent, and take necessary measures to prevent any unintended use.

  1. Implementation of security measures

Global Blast establishes and maintains internal management rules to prevent any loss, leakage, unauthorized alteration or any other problem of or related to personal information and establishes and implements reasonable security measures.


Handling Personal Information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and Global Blast Privacy Policy, we handle and work to protect the personal information of customers as follows:
1. Customer Personal Information Kept by Global Blast.
Global Blast keep a portion of personal information provided by customers in travel requests and other transactions as personal data.

  1. Reasons for Use of Customer Personal Information
    Global Blast will use personal information provided in travel purchase forms to contact customers, as well as when necessary in the performance of our travel and other services as requested by the customer, including the arrangement of transportation and accommodations (as listed in the agreement).
  2. Providing Customer Personal Information to Third Parties
    Global Blast will provide in electronic form a customer’s name, gender, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, passport number, and credit card number to transportation, accommodation, and insurance companies as necessary to arrange and provide purchased travel services, or as necessary to fulfill travel agreements or complete insurance formalities to securitize costs when accidents occur.
  3. Inquiry, Disclosure, Deletion and Correction of Personal Information
    In the case where any customer requests Global Blast to disclose and/or delete, eliminate, correct personal information that has been kept by us and if he/she requests Global Blast to stop providing his/her personal information to the third parties, Global Blast will comply with the request.


Yuta Yamada
Global Blast Co., Ltd.



  • 個人の権利の尊重
  • 個人情報の収集・利用・提供
  • 安全対策の実施






当社は、お客様がご旅行の申し込みの際にお申し出頂いた個人情報について、お客様との連絡のために利用させて頂くほか、お客様がお申込み頂いた旅行において運送、宿泊機関等 (主要な運送・宿泊機関等については契約書面に記載されています)の提供する旅行サービスの手配及びそれらのサービスの受領のための手続きに必要な範囲内で利用させて頂きます。






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